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Loyalty Programs

Keep your customers coming back for more with smart loyalty incentives

Excellent products and customer service will get you a customer for an evening. But how do you turn them into customers for life? San Antonio POSā€™ product offerings help you bridge the cap with built-in loyalty programs and gift cards.

SkyTab Mobile


Build relationships with your customers that will last. Our solutions include promotions and incentives that can be personalized on a per-customers basis.


Build a database customer email addresses to create smart marketing campaigns. Customers can opt-in to receive these campaigns at multiple points.


Our solutions support both traditional and digital gift cards, helping turn customers into loyal patrons and boosting your brand awareness and sales.


We offer built-in social media tools to help you reach customers on their preferred online hangout. Offer promotions that help grow your business naturally.

The advantage you need to succeed

We help restaurants take payments and orders from anywhere ā€“ at the counter, at the customer’s table, and even curbside. Get in touch with us today to discuss how our payment solutions can benefit your company.